Optimize Your Health & Find Relief with
Y-Strap Adjustment!

How You May Benefit From Y-Strap Adjustment:

  • Relaxes muscles
  • Relieves tension
  • Decreases pain
  • Increases range of motion
  • Prevents injury
  • Reduction of stiffness
  • Reduction of repetitive stress
  • Restores mobility

What Can Y-Strap Adjustment Treat?

A chiropractic adjustment is also known as spinal manipulation, a manual therapy to reduce pain and correct the body’s alignment for proper functioning. Chiropractic adjustments also complement the traditional medical care that you may receive. Most chiropractic adjustments are performed by hand, but the chiropractor may use different ways, such as tables, activator adjusting tools, laser therapy, y-axis traction strap, etc., for spinal manipulation. Just like hands-on spinal decompression, the Y-strap tool works to decompress the vertebrae by gently stretching the spine. It focuses on adjusting the spine along the Y-axis and is safe and highly effective even if it may appear otherwise overwhelming. People may feel apprehensive initially, but it becomes much easier to adjust once they learn about the tool and its benefits.

How Y-Strap Adjustment Works

Y-strap is a spinal decompression tool that can gently stretch the spine and provide the relief you seek. Before starting the adjustment, the patient’s medical history, family history, signs, or symptoms are evaluated, and the patient can benefit from the Y-strap adjustment. Thorough questions based on the problematic points and their severity are discussed. Then, after a thorough assessment, the patient is provided with all the relevant information regarding the procedure. During the process, the patient lies facing upward on a table, and the Y-strap tool is put at the back of the head, safely at the base of the skull. The strap is secured in the middle near the neck, creating a Y-shape at the top portion of the strap. The top part of the strap acts as a handgrip and is away from the patient’s body. Then, the strap is pulled gently but firmly away from the person’s body to decompress the spine.

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